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Tips for using Reahly creations

Reahly creations are premium creations, you must take the greatest care of them in order to they last over time.

I will give you my precious advice.

Usage tips

My designs are waterproof and can go into water and mud without worry.

(with the exception of collars for city noted on the product sheets).

However, as you would take care of a high-end jewel for you, you must do the same for Reahly accessories in order to they last over time.

I advise you not to use the accessories intensively for swimming in the sea or in the river.

(in the long term, salt can deteriorate it)

It is important to dry your accessory perfectly, after the swim, with a towel.  

I recommend to you to use the spike collars only for walks in cities or countryside but without game parties with other dogs in order to avoid injuries.

Some customers also use them to have a super trendy accessory while protecting the neck of their companion from the attacks of other dogs.


Dogs that often roll around will increase the speed of wear of the buckles and ornaments, this is quite normal.

You must not forget that nothing is indestructible.

I advise you not to tie your dog with his collar / harness to a fixed lanyard or his kennel, this is dangerous and could damage your superb accessory.

It is advisable not to combine our accessories with collars or flea and tick products with a chemical compound because it can alter its condition at the risk of causing cracks.

Finally even if the Biothane is a high quality material, take care of the accessories with light colors which despite everything can retain some stains.

Now you have all the keys to take care of your accessories.

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